14 OCT 2022

BIODIV 1st year - Oral Presentation

Thesis Seminar/Thesis Project

October 14, 2022

 ZOOM Link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/7833371198


14 October 2022 - 10h30| Ana Sofia Cabral Cardoso;

"Digital technology and the social monitoring of climate change”

Supervisor(s): Ana Sofia Vaz, João Santos, Alípio Mário Guedes Jorge.


14 October 2022 - 11h00| Prem Alberto Daswani Aguilar;

"Understanding the evolution of colour polymorphisms in lizards”

Supervisor(s): Catarina Lopes Pinho, Guillem Pérez de Lanuza, Pedro Alexandre de Magalhães e Andrade.


14 October 2022 - 11h30| Rafael de Faria Campos;

"Listening for Wolf Conservation: Deep Learning for Automated Howl Recognition and Classification.”

Supervisor(s): Helena Isabel Rio Maior Palma de Oliveira, Francesco Renna, Miha Krofel.


14 October 2022 - 12h00| Cristina Gonçalves Lima;

"Multi-scale interactions between wildfires and plant invasions in Anthropocene landscapes”

Supervisor(s): Joana Raquel Silva Vicente, João José Pradinho Honrado, Paulo Alexandre Martins Fernandes.


14 October 2022 - 14h15| Bruna Sofia Costa Eiras dos Santos;

"Natural History Collections as fundamental research tool – A case study using vertebrate collections.”

Supervisor(s): Luis Miguel Pires Ceríaco.


14 October 2022 - 14h45| Diogo Miguel dos Santos Parrinha;

"Species turnover in reptile assemblages along a longitudinal gradient in southwestern Angola”

Supervisor(s): Luis Miguel Pires Ceríaco, Aaron Matthew Bauer.