For the Host Supervisor
All researchers receiving curricular or extracurricular internship/training programs must always notify the BIOPOLIS/CIBIO Post-Graduation office in advance, irrespective of the academic degree of the visitors, period of stay or context in which the work will be developed at BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO.


The application process for a training/internship/interchange/visit programme at BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO considers the following actions:

> The interested party establishes a direct contact with a BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO researcher or Group Leader to communicate his/her expression of interest. 

>> Upon agreement of both parties, the Host Supervisor (HS) must inform the Post-Graduation (PG) Office of the acceptance of the visiting plan, by filling in the pre-registration form and submitting the necessary documentation.

>>> The PG Office contacts the visitor to proceed with the registration process. The application will become valid upon completion of the official registration by the Visitor at BIOPOLIS/CIBIO and, if applicable, at the University of Porto (for students only).


2. Check the full Workflow - Visitor Registration @BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO (available soon)

3. Fill the Form Visitor Pre-Registration by the Host Supervisor BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO