PhD Thesis delivery - Deadline extension until 30/07/2021 (Faculty of Sciences - University of Porto)

According to "Despacho Reitoral GR 02/01/2021, e com a Lei do Orçamento de Estado”, students who have a deadline for submission of their thesis after January 1, 2021 (even with the extension of 90 days if they have requested), can do a request, addressed to the Director of FCUP, asking for deadline extension until 07/30/2021.

In order to do this, student must submit an online request, authenticating yourself on the FCUP page by clicking on your name, and then on the magnifying glass (with a + sign). On the page of your academic path, choose the right side option 'Requirements' / 'New application' / 'Exposure to the Director of the Faculty'.

Questions related to deadlines should be send to

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