13 SEP 2021

BIODIV 1st year - Oral Presentation
1st semester 2021

Zoom link: https://fc-up-pt.zoom.us/j/83994810190

September 17th

Sep 17 - 2:30pm | Bárbara Inês de Noronha Bastos; "Daily heterothermy in arid adapted rodents, its genetic background and climatic relevance”. Supervisor(s): Zbyszek Boratyński, José Carlos Brito, Katjia Nowick.

Sep 17 - 3:00pm | Carolina Pilar Reyes Puig; "Linking comparative tools and mechanistic niche models to understand the consequences of size variation on species' vulnerability to global change”. Supervisor(s): Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou.

September 24th

Set 24 - 2:30pm | João Vasco de Almeida Pessanha Côrte-Real; "Unravelling entry and reverse transcription of lentiviruses in the European rabbit”. Supervisor(s): Joana Abrantes, Hanna-Mari Baldauf.

Set 24 3:00pm | Joaquim Filipe Polónia de Faria; "In the Blood: Influence of endoparasites on host behaviour and interactions”. Supervisor(s): James Harris. Rodrigo Megía-Palma, Martin Whiting

Set 24 - 3:30pm | Luís Eduardo Alves Cardoso dos Santos; "Ecological function of lizards in agroenvironments: from trophic networks to ecosystem services”.  Supervisor(s): Miguel Angel Carretero, Emilio Civantos.

Set 24 - 4:00pm | Mafalda Silva Moreira; "Oak forest restoration in marginal lands through active and assisted management”. Supervisor(s): Francisco Manuel Ribeiro Ferraria Moreira, Ricardo Rafael dos Santos Ceia, Mario Pesendorfer.

October 1

Oct 1  - 2:30pm | Margareta Lakusic; "Neglected venom variability in one of the most venomous vipers in Europe: a case study of Vipera ammodytes in Balkan Peninsula–evolutionary, ecological and applied aspects”. Supervisor(s): Fernando Martínez Freiría, Ljiljana Tomović, Juan Jose Calvete.

 Oct 1  - 3:00pm | Marta Ciccarella; "Inferring sex-biased admixture processes in human populations with Approximate Bayesian Computations: the case of Atlantic Slave Trade admixture in Cabo Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe”. Supervisor(s): Jorge Macedo Rocha, Paul Verdu.

 Oct 1  - 3:30pm | Nahla Lucchini; "Integrating biogeography, morphology and eco-physiology to unveil patterns of diversification in European vipers and predict species persistence under future climate change”. Supervisor(s): Fernando Martínez Freiría, Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou, Lourdais Olivier.

Oct 1  - 4:00pm | Gorky Danilo Ríos Alvear; "Effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on the extinction threshold hypothesis in the Llanganates-Sangay Ecological Corridor, Ecuador”. Supervisor(s): Pedro Monterroso, Marcella Kelly, Neftali Sillero.

To be shedule 
Inês de Sousa Gregório;"Changing seas: Unravelling the genomic diversity, connectivity and climate resilience of deep-sea habitat-forming sponges”. Supervisor(s): Joana Rita Bogalho Teixeira Xavier, Rute Andreia Rodrigues da Fonseca, Andrew Davies.

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