How to apply to the two BIODIV Projects


Applications should be submitted by email to between 10 and 27 of April 2015 (24:00 GMT), with the following supporting documents (written in Portuguese or English):

• BIODIV Application Form;
• Curriculum vitae (including a publication list and other relevant information in the context of the project research goals);
• Motivation Letter (including a brief description of research experience and why you are suitable for the announced position);
• Copy of the official academic certificate(s) of all awarded degrees (BSc, MSc) with the inclusion of the overall final grade;


Candidates should indicate in the 'Subject' of the email: 'Application for Project 1' or 'Application for Project 2'.

For candidates who have concluded their degrees before the application deadline, but do not have the corresponding certificate, the approval of the eventual scholarship will be conditional to the submission of the official academic certificates. 


All documents must be saved starting with "first name’ followed by ‘last name’ in capital letters (example: MariaSANTOS_CV.pdf). Spaces must not be used (these should be replaced by hiphens or underscores).




Instruction on how to fill in the Application Form


To fill in and save the Application Form please use Adobe Acrobat Reader © X or (preferentially) XI..

Each candidate is responsible for the information provided. An applicant who provides misleading, false or incomplete information may be excluded.


It is mandatory to indicate which project candidates are applying to.


The following information concerning awarded degrees (BSc, MSc) must also be provided:
• official name of the programme;
• institution granting the academic degree;
• type of degree (Bologna, Pre-bologna or other);
• final grade and the corresponding scale (example: 16 out of 20);
• type and number of credits effectively completed (example: if an applicant has a Master’s degree for which s/he has obtained equivalence for the first year, s»/he has only completed 60 ECTS corresponding to his/her dissertation, and not 120 ECTS);
• official duration of the degree in years (and not the number of years spent to conclude the degree).


Concerning professional experience in research projects, only grants and paid positions should be considerted (and not volunteer experience.


In terms of publications, candidates should only indicate original works, either published or in press. Submitted papers will not be taken into account.


To complete the application form, candidates should indicate three people to act as referees who, at our request, will be able to evaluate their academic and research performance. 'Recommendation Letters’ should not be sent during the application process.


Click here to access the Application Form.